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Treadmill Elevation Tool

The Treadmill Elevation Tool is simple to use.  You just select the elevation setting from the treadmill (between 0-15), add the distance in miles, then click the “Get Elevation” button.  It will then show a summary of the elevation gained in feet and meters, as well as a table of different paces and the estimated time it would take to finish.  So if you’re training for a run that has a 3,000 foot climb to the top and you know it’s 5 miles to the top, you can find the correct treadmill settings (elevation level and pace) to use when training on the treadmill.  If I set the elevation level to 11.5 and the distance to 5, it will show me the amount of elevation and the pace I would need to keep in order to get to the top with the specific time.

Get Treadmill Elevation