Week 3 Training for Conquer the Rock 50k

After finishing week two of training with my first long run since I finished the Cottonmouth 100k, I felt my body was telling me it was ready for some recovery time.  The first long run was 30 miles with a 10:08 pace so with that and my first two weeks of breaking my body in with a lot of incline training, my legs were sore!  My game plan for week 3 was to take things a little easier this week and to start adding some decline training.

Since I just finished my long run on Sunday (I volunteered at the Deer Dodge 50k/50 mile on Saturday), I took Monday off to rest my legs as I didn’t want to risk overdoing it and getting injured.  Did I mention my legs were pretty sore after the elevation and 30 mile run?

I finished up the week with 8,447 feet of incline on the treadmill and about 2-3 miles of incline/decline running on the stairs and trails by the Bluffs Park on Scenic Highway.  Will need to take some days off due to my kids being out of school for the holidays, but am ready to pick things back up once I can and make up my missed days by adding some longer runs in.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

I spent day 3 running up and down some stairs at a nearby park.  Although it’s close to 100′ down to the water, the actual stairs only go down about 50′ so I’m going to find somewhere else where I can get some greater decline training.  There are some trails there that are real technical and has some drop offs and climbs, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

Day 4