Pinhoti 100

The Pinhoti 100 was a challenging course, especially for someone who lives in a state without much elevation and wasn’t prepared for the downhill side of things!  Regardless, it was still a great adventure even though I pulled out after 55 miles.  After running out of two water bottles on a challenging 3+ mile stretch in the cold dark (well before the cutoff time), I made the mental mistake of sitting down by the nice, warm fire right near the smell of bacon and other food being cooked.  I sat in the chair and watched/heard many runners come through for about 30-40 minutes telling myself to stay seated.  I lost the mental battle then as I felt great physically.  In fact, I was back to running within a few days and ended up pacing the Pensacola Marathon with no pain or soreness.  I feel that if I had a crew or really just had someone to talk some sense into me, I would have completed it.  With this in mind, I plan on returning to this race and looking forward to crossing the finish line.

Location: Heflin, Alabama (Talladega State Park, Mount Cheaha)

Distance:  100 Miler  (DNF about mile 55+ )