View running adventures from Greg Schnoor - a non-runner who turned to ultramarathon running after being diagnosed with malignant brain cancer.

Life Versus Training

My everyday live responsibilities conquered my ultra training time last month.  After having some personal related things that had a higher priority to training, I had to miss out on some much needed runs in for the 50k which is only a few weeks away!!  Although I'm bummed that I wasn't able to train this past month, I still feel good about things.  My goal has shifted now to just completing the 50k up in the mountains, but I'm good with that.  Besides, it's the adventure side of things is what drew me to ultrarunning to begin with! I've been back to running the past week and feel pretty good.  Just need to get some serious training within the next...

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Online Tool for Elevation Training On Treadmills

The first day of training on a treadmill for an upcoming race with some elevation (Conquer The Rock 50k), I realized that the treadmills at the local YMCA here did not actually tell you the elevation you climbed.  The following day I went back to the gym to train for some more elevation but before I got started, I asked one of the staff members about the treadmills and showed him how it didn't show the actual elevation gain.  He said he would look up a formula that I could use to get an estimate of the elevation.  I forgot his name, but he was extremely helpful and wrote down the entire formula for me and gave it to me.  Since I'm...

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Conquer The Rock 50k – Pickens, South Carolina

I was looking for a few ultras to do that had some beautiful views during the run (although most ultras have some of those) and got some great recommendations from some running friends.  My friend Shannon told me about the Conquer the Rock 50k and after researching it and seeing the views and how technical it was, I was sold!  It looks like a much more challenging run than I've ran before (and sounds like possibly one of the more challenging courses in the Southeast) so after my experience with the elevation challenges at the Pinhoti 100 a year ago, I knew it was an adventure that I wanted to train for and attempt. The race is on March 3rd,...

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